Dutch Herder
Dutch Herder

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Black German Shepherd
Black German Shepherd

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Personal protection dog
Personal protection dog

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Dutch Herder
Dutch Herder

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We specialise in personal & family protection dogs, estate & business guard dogs, security patrol dogs, schutzhund, KNPV and mondio ring sport. 


We train and supply personal protection dogs in India and worldwide.

Family/personal protection dogs in India are a fairly new concept. 


Sicherheit K9 produce highly trained family protection dogs that are sociable and balanced and yet more than capable of protecting YOU and YOUR FAMILY against any threat or multiple threats. Our dogs are taught to fight through attacks from weapons such as batons, knives and guns.


Our dogs obey all commands 99.9% of the time due to our rigorous training programme made by our master trainer K N Mac. 

People are now only starting to see the great benefit of owning a personal or family protection dog. The serious threat of crime is at our doorstep. Not only will a fully trained dog protect your family and premises/ business but would willingly give their life to protect yours. 

At Protection Dogs India we train and provide:

Executive Protection Dogs

Personal & Family Protection Dogs

Security Patrol Dogs

IPO/Schutzhund Dogs

KNPV/Dutch Royal Police Dogs

Sniffer Dogs

Security K9 Handlers

Working Line Puppies 

Executives may need protection from workplace violence, corporate heads may need to travel to dangerous or unstable environments. Politicians and MLA's have constant threat from opposition. Home invasions and robberies are ever present. No matter the situation, Sicherheit Security Ltd has the solutions and experience to provide reliable protection for our clients globally.

German Shepherd India. German Shepherd Protection Dog
Protection Dogs India
Doberman India. Doberman Protction Dogs.
Pitbull India. Pitbull Protection Dogs.
Rottweiler India. Rottweiler Protection Dogs
Cane Coro India. Cane Corso Protection Dogs

We are India's leading specialists in detection and scent dogs. We specialise in detection dogs for the following:


Narcotics/illegal substances



Live body detection

Disaster search & rescue (SAR)

Our training programmes select and produce dogs that have undeniable ability at detection and tracking. This is why we are second to none in the field. Most of our K9 detection dogs are dual purpose dogs and can be used for both security patrol and detection.

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