Schutzhund/KNPV/MondioRing In India

All three sports are up and coming in India. As of now 2017 very few states have Schutzhund clubs and practically no where is training in KNPV or Mondio ring sport. We at Sicherheit Kennel believe all three sports have something to offer in terms of practical purpose for the dog. This is why we train all our dogs for Schutzhund, KNPV and Mondio Ring. For the people who are unfamiliar I have written short explanations of all 3.


Schutzhund now known as IPO is a 3 part dog sport consisting of obedience, tracking and protection. Shutzhund was originally created as a breed test for the German Shepherd, and has grown in to the most popular dog sport, as well as continuing to function as a breed test. A Schutzhund title is a pre-requisite for the German Shepherd Breed Survey or Koerung. As a sport, several countries hold regional and national competitions. In Germany, the big trial each year is the BSP or Bundessiegerprüfung. There is also a world competition (WUSV) each year held under FCI international rules.


Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehond Vereniging, which is Dutch for 'Royal Dutch Police Dog Association' originally designed to provide a certification program by the Dutch government for civilians to train and title dogs that would then be made available to the Dutch Police. The fact is that many people who train in the KNPV still feel that the purpose of the sport is to provide dogs for service work. Many of the exercises closely relate to skills that are needed as a service dog. The fact is that a KNPV titled dog still needs to go through additional training to get it ready to work as a Dutch police dog. Over the years the KNPV has also developed into a dog sport more than a certification program in Holland.


Mondioring is an F.C.I. authorised international dog sport developed in the late 80's by reps from every large country that has a competition dog sport. The 'new' sport was designed to allow competitors from any of the world's disciplines or sports compete in a common one. Like most protection sports, Mondioring has a series of exercises to be executed by the dog/handler team in the categories of obedience, agility and protection.

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