Sicherheit Security Executive Protection Officer 

Sicherheit Security train and

 provide close protection officers 

for high risk individuals, groups, VIP's,CEO's, Executives and 

Politicians. We understand that our clients face increasingly intricate security concerns, and so offer personlised  services accordingly. All our Close Protection Officers are highly

 trained EX special forces. They can be deployed individually or as part of a team.Their expertise, YOUR safety and discretion! 


We Provide :

  • Advanced Protective Surveillance 

  • Covert Protection

  • Threat Identification 

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Around-the-Clock Protection

  • Safe Transport Services

  • Armed personal protection

  • Advanced driving  

  • K9 deployment 

  • Full Medical Assistance

Sicherheit Security Executive protection officers take a more proactive and analytical role to keep their clients out of harm’s way, using in-depth planning, preparation and advance work to cover all aspects of a clients safety. We identify any risk and establish plans to mitigate them. This type of approach is designed to lessen the chances that a client will be exposed or that an executive protection officer will need to physically protect the client, even though they can expertly handle the situation should it arise. For a team to be successful in protecting an client/s who is traveling on a busy and demanding schedule, the service must be fluid, adaptable and conducted by individuals with specific training. Our Executive Protection officers have the skill set and ability to focus on and operate with constantly changing threat profiles and locations. 


Our Services are :   

Advanced Protective Surveillance : This is the first covert method of security that our trained on ground operatives use against a potential threat.  Sending in our agents to blend in and analyse any potential threat before it takes place is instrumental in an all round security service.  

Covert Protection :  We understand some clients need to keep low profile protection. Having the presence of an overt team in close proximity at all times might not suit everybody's security needs. For these clients we can provide Covert protection through our protective surveillance team. 

Threat Identification & Risk Assessment : Our Executive protection officers carefully analyse any route, location, profiles, or events to be attended establishing baseline risk and put in place a suitable security operation that will mitigate all real world dangers.  Threats to be considered will include kidnap, petty crime, persons of interest, embarrassing situations as well as the risks of medical emergencies or natural disasters.

24/7 Protection : Depending on the clients needs we will provide Executive security officers for 2 Hrs Minimum service all the way to 24/7 365 days a year.