At Sicherheit kennel we provided accredited and practically applied dog training courses. We offer a number of courses for various specialization and basic training of your canine. After completion of each course, a certification of completion is awarded for the training from the master trainer. The certificate is valid internationally. 

Following are some courses we offer :

I Introduction to Dog Training (Basic)

1. Raising a puppy

2. Household obedience

3. Toilet training

4. Communicating with family members

5. Basic K9 behaviour

6. 7 commands 

7. Imprinting 

3 day course @ Rs.15,800/- 

II Advanced K9 training

1. Basic (Module I)

2.  Modern day techniques of dog training

3. Advanced commands off leash

5 day course @ Rs.24,900/-

III Sports Courses (Schutzhund, KNPV & Mondio Ring)

1. Learn to train any dog for the above sports competitions

Each course duration is 15 days @ Rs.89,000 each.

IV Scent discrimination & Tracking course

1. Imprinting for tracking and scent work

2. Scent detection for Narcotics and other contraband 

3. SAR (search and Rescue) Tracking

4. Live body search

5 day course @ Rs.49,000/-

V Security K9 handler course

1. First Aid

2. Security Patrol

3. Search & detain criminal

4. Removing criminal from property

5. Learning behavioural signals from your K9

Proper upkeep of your security dog

3 day course @ Rs.39,500/-

VI Family & Personal protection dog training course

1. Selecting and raising a puppy for protection work

2. Training a young dog into an elite protection dog. 

3. On & Off leash training

4. Canine behaviour with family members and children

5. 32 command list

12 day course @ Rs.89,500/-


We provide 24x7 on call support for any training programme. 

           Online dog training courses

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