We, at Sicherheit Security, take pride in knowing that we offer the best in trained security patrol dogs and handlers in India.  Our dogs are trained rigorously along with one handler. They are trained in intruder scent determination from upto a mile away and will alert the security guard of the direction of the intruder. All of our K9’s have undergone extensive training in real world scenarios & situations to ensure they subdue any threat they might come across. Along with this, they are more than capable of dealing with crowd control and intruders with weapons and even against gun fire. Rest assured, our K9 and handler will secure your property or business, efficiently and tirelessly. Cost of our fully trained K9 Handler and K9 start from INR 45,000 per month. Contact us for a quotation. 

Benefits of a Security Dog & Handler 

  1.  Can sense intruders over a mile away

  2. Capable of holding off upto 15 attackers 

  3. Trained to fight through gun fire and other deterrents 

  4. As effective and efficient as 5 security guards

Sichehreit K9 Mobile Patrol

The core of our business is providing K9 support units and dog handler response units to our clients in India. We have experienced staff which have undergone extensive training with their K9 partners to ensure high quality services to our clients. Our K9 response handlers are ready for dispatch 24 hours a day. We operate for both residential and commercial clients. 

Sicherheit Event Security

Sicherheit Security have years of experience in planning and management in event security

We can support & provide the following:

• Door Supervisors
• High Profile Personnel Security

• Access Control
• Crowd Control & Monitoring

• K9 drug and bomb detection 

Sicherheit Security provides a range of security K9 courses in India. Our courses follow the NASDU (National association of security dog users) training coursework and practical assessments. We equip our students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable not only the safe handling of a working dog, but also how to extract the most benefit out of using a security or service K9.  Cost of our training courses start from INR 25,500. Contact us for more information. 

Female K9 Security Handler