Building Muscle In Dogs

I get asked about this topic a lot so here are my tips to building muscle in dogs. Remember genetics plays a big part in building muscle same with Humans but thats no to say we cannot improve on what we have. We don't start muscle building till the dogs has reached full growth 18 month and above depending on the breed.

Diet - High protein is the key to building muscle. Stop feeding your dog kibble and switch to a Raw food diet ( information in previous blog ). I stick to two meals a day when trying to build muscle with small high protein packed snacks after and during training. Red meat is the best when trying to build muscle due to the high content of creatin. Make sure you stick to the raw feeding chart and add the extras into the diet, such as fish oil turmeric powder coconut oil etc.

Excersise - My workout programmes for my dog resemble my own workout programmes. Once a day weights and once a day endurance ( running ). 15-20 minutes after each workout I feed high protein snacks between 75 - 225 grams depending on the breed. We use the harness and weight pulley gradually adding weight as the dogs gets used to each one. Keeping the muscle guessing. Different terrain is always good. Bite work and any dog sport are great muscle builders. Look into a local club and take your dog once a week.

Supplements -There are supplements on the market such as bullymax that provide amino acids proteins and other vitamins and minerals. You can however get all of this from a well balanced diet.

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