Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement through out the puppy's and young dog's life. We start to add slight pressure after the dog has reached maturity to polish and sustain our training and commands.

Our head trainer K N Mac began his career as a Security K9 handler and is a certified Schutzhund & KNPV helper/decoy. He has completed his diploma in canine behaviour from the British College of Canine Studies and has spent time in Holland and Germany training with some of the master trainers of our time. His passion is dogs and he takes great care in every dog that starts a training programme at Sicherheit Kennel. 

Having a trained dog isn’t the same as having a balanced dog, but if your dog knows a few basic commands, it can be very helpful when tackling problem behaviors — existing ones or those that may develop in the future.


Puppy Imprinting 

This starts at 6 weeks old and last one month. We Imprint the puppy for all the basic obedience commands.

Show training

We train the dogs to win shows. Stacking and running are the basic commands taught

Basic obedience Training

We start this training with building communication with the dog. 7 basic commands are taught. Sit, Stay, down, come, heel, no, kennel. For this training we first use positive reinforcement followed by the Modern day K9 training method.

Time usually depends on the breed but between 1-2 Months. 

Advanced Obedience

This consist of all the commands taught in the basic obedience along with off leash training. We can train the dog for any special commands required by the client.

Time 2 months 

Schutzhund/KNPV/MondioRing  Dog sports

Each sport has different levels. We only take on dogs that have the correct drive for sport and not all dogs do. If you with to have your dog trained and certified in any of the dog sports please contact us to discuss.

Personal, family and business protection training

The training programme for our protection dogs is rigorous and not every dog can complete it. Like sports training we need to know the dog has the correct drives for the work ahead. The dog is trained to obey 15 commands at all times. 

Training takes 10-15 months depending on the drive dog. 

Security and guard dog training

We train our guard and security dogs to the level of NASDU level 2 which is the UK requirement for security dogs. The dogs are fully trained to search and hold a criminal. Attack on command, guard on command and advanced obedience.